Dear and enjoyed visitor, I՚m M4D'z and this is my magic world…

M4D's by Prelude <@jeuxweb> at CaenJS 2013
The Web is our Far-West, and all of us are its Cow-boys. You can consider me as a Jesse James: fighting to build a better and safer place to all its users. More pioniers than colons, we just put in place the rails and leave to the next the opportunities to build the cities.

So I do a lot of work to make huge interfaces with my tiny hands. I live in Normandy (FR), work in Paris and run through the web.

I write code, give tech talks, and sometimes take photos.

I also reasonnabily (less than often) scribble about my loves and hates in my Notes.

If you want to know more about me, or hire me, check out my resume.