Hi, I'm m4dz

and so, you want to know more about me?

const m4dz = {
  age: 35,
  profession: {
    name:  'technical facilitator',
    since: 1996
  residence: 'Paris (FR)',
  socials: {
    github:   'https://github.com/m4dz',
    twitter:  'https://twitter.com/m4d_z',
    linkedin: 'https://www.linkedin.com/in/m4d-z'
  father: 'of two'


Currently frontend developer and tech facilitator at Cozy Cloud, I run through the web in an endless quest for quality, innovation and beauty of code. Passionate about web applications and web platform, APIs and webperfs, I teach, code, design, improve…

With an unwavering optimism, I offer my help to whomever so wisheth, and constantly striving alongside other brave companions to release the web of his deamons…


Mainly as frontend developer. Deep knowledge of ES5 / ES6, HTML, CSS (and pre/post-processors); with a strong use of ARIA to build huge, performant and reactive interfaces. Experienced with PHP (since PHP 3); comfortable with Ruby, Python and Node.js. Used to many frameworks, like React, Vue.js, Drupal (since Drupal 6), Symfony and Silex, RoR, Flask
Manager and tech evangelist:
Daily facilitator for his fellows, helping by providing support to the rest of the community and his teammates. Mentor and referent in mentorship progam, I also manage and supervise hiring processes and interviews. I deliver my knowledge in many conferences as an experienced speaker.
UX design:
Really attached to beautiful and smart interfaces. I'm comfortable with typography, design softwares (bitmaps and vectors editors), and prototyping. Love working on interfaces designs, with accesibility in mind.
High knowledge of Unix systems, and comfortable with OS X, Linux, BSD… Really interested in processes and quality. Also comfortable with toolchain solutions, from frontend needs to backend integrations.
Day-to-day projects:
Daily use of Git and CI environment (Travis, Jenkins…) Working with agility principles in mind.

Work Experience

As Webdeveloper

since 2015:
Frontend Senior Developer • Cozy Cloud Frontend developer in charge of rewriting main core apps (Home, Contacts, Calendar, Mail…) in a good quality way. Work with Backbone / Marionette, React, Vue.js, or Bacon.js. Build Ui framework foundations to improve Cozy apps development.
Fullstack Punisher • Bunkr Frontend developer in charge of many features in Bunkrapp, an online presentation authoring tool. Also working on API part (in Python / Flask / Celery…)
2012 - 2014:
Web Developer • Clever Age Frontend Developer and Backend consultant, I especially work to implement complex interfaces like "Le Pliage® Longchamp". Work for many luxury projects with strong needs in reliability and performances. The vast majority of projects were built with a Drupal 7, or Symfony base.
I'm also responsible for internal tools.
2008 - 2012:
MAD's Graphics / Le 11ème Labo CEO and Lead Developer of a small Web Agency, specialized in frontend development and JS solutions.
Web strategy • Festival Automne en Normandie In charge of web and digital strategy
2005 - 2011:
IT Manager • Théâtre de la Bastille In charge of maintenance and evolutions of equipment and solutions
2001 - 2007:
Webdesigner / Developer Webdesign and development (frontend and backend) as non-professional

As a manager / tech facilitator

since 2015:
Mentor and tech support · Cozy Cloud In charge of technical support and mentorship program for teammates and community fellows for front-end contributions. Organize hiring processes and interviews. Help day-to-day relations in a remote-full context.
since 2012:
Tech evangelist Technical speaker in many conferences, about frontend development, code quality, and team processes.
2009 - 2012:
Teacher • CESI Teacher in CESI, IT high school. Teacher for Web technologies, networks in software and Unix/Linux plateforms.

Talks, Articles & Open Source

I love to share my knowledge in many ways, especially in conferences. I spoke in various sessions, such as Paris Web, SudWeb, BlendWebMix, Kiwipartÿ, TakeOff Conf… My talks are available online, and mainly speak about quality, JavaScript, frameworks, accessibility and cryptography.

I also write articles in my notes and for some other platforms, like OpenWeb group and the Clever Age blog.

I collaborate on various OSS projects, like Brunch.io, Oh-My-ZSH, BrowserSync and others. I also wrote JS polyfills like SVGEventListener.

I wouldn't be mad if I didn't have another cool project, so I'm currently writing a book called Browser as a platform: unleash the power of strong webapps. It tries to give a solution to the huge and unmaintainable large codebases, especially when you work with multiple developers, across distributed teams. I hope the book can be one day finished.

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